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  • General Purpose delivery hose comes with instantaneous couplings
  • Lightweight & flexible
  • Type 1 version is a white uncoated hose for general light duty applications
  • Type 3 is a nitrile rubber coated heavy duty hose
  • For other sizes and types please contact our sales team
Code Dimensions Type
LFHOSE01 23m x 45mm Fire Hose 1
LFHOSE02 23m x 65mm Fire Hose 1
LFHOSE03 23m x 45mm Fire Hose 3
LFHOSE04 23m x 65mm Fire Hose 3
Buy Valium From Canada

Valium Sales Online Uk, Buy Valium 5Mg

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Valium Sales Online Uk, Buy Valium 5Mg


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