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About Stand-by


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Mission Statement

To deliver effective leading edge Fire and Safety Solutions to our clients, providing them with the reassurance that we are protecting their lives, assets, employees and families.

Since our establishment in 1967, Stand-By Fire Protection has become increasingly relied upon by a broad portfolio of businesses, government departments and emergency services nationwide.

With our experienced technical advisors, extensive stockholding of our own manufactured range of fire equipment, our in-house extinguisher refilling/refurbishing facility, and close attention to our core values of honest, reliable customer service, supported by our BS EN ISO9001:2008 certification; we are able to ensure you have the right product at the right time. This along with our BAFE Accreditation, Exor Approval, Safe Contractor Certification and CHAS Registration ensures we are at the leading edge of the Fire Industry.

To complement our stockholding and Sales Team, our products are expertly backed up by our Field Service Technicians ensuring full compliance with current Fire Legislation and Insurance requirements.

We make your peace of mind our responsibility…

With current global concerns regarding the environment and sustainability for the future, Stand-By have placed increasing emphasis on the re-use, recycling and refurbishment of existing equipment, helping some of the most well-known names in the Real Estate and Construction sector reach their recycling targets.

Stand-By Fire have also become a worldwide leader in providing refilling machines, spares and parts to Industries in America and the Middle East.

Situated on the edge of London, Stand-By Fire Protection has a 32, 000 Square Foot Office and Warehouse facility that houses one of the only Extinguisher refilling plants in Greater London. With a stockholding of over 10 000 units at any one time, a large Trade Counter and our dedicated TFS Team callout facility, Stand-By are well placed to respond to urgent requirements in the Capital.

Solutions to Fire & Safety problems continue to be a key hallmark of our excellence in customer care. Whether it be installing a wireless Radio Fire Alarm System at a 17th Century Church, fitting chrome finish Fire Extinguishers to a restaurant 42 floors up in the Square Mile, mounting a mains pressure Hosereel for dust control on a Construction Site or providing Gold finished Fire Equipment to a Saudi Arabian apartment, Stand-By has and will continue to have the answer that meets the need.