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  • Signs are available in three types, Self-Adhesive Vinyl, Rigid Plastic and ‘glow in the dark’ Photoluminescent. Codes as shown in the table only specify the specific sign and need to be prefixed with S/A for Self-Adhesive, R/P for Rigid Plastic or P/L for Photoluminescent.
  • A number of signs also available in a brushed chrome version. Please phone for details.
  • Many other sizes and types are available. Please phone for details.
Code Description Height Width
FD001 Fire Door Keep Shut Sign 100mm 100mm
FD002 Fire Door Keep Locked Sign 100mm 100mm
FD003 Fire Escape Keep Clear Sign 100mm 100mm
FD004 Alarm Will Sound If Door Is Opened Sign 100mm 100mm
FD005 Close This Door Sign 100mm 100mm
FD006 To Be Kept Unlocked When Occupied Sign 100mm 100mm
FD007 Fire Door Keep Closed Sign 100mm 100mm
FD008 Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear Sign 100mm 100mm
FD009 Please Switch Off When Not In Use Sign 100mm 100mm
FD010 This Door Must Be Kept Shut When Not In Use Sign 100mm 100mm
FD011 In The Event Of A Fire This Door Must Be Kept Closed Sign 100mm 100mm
FD012 Keep Locked Shut Sign 100mm 100mm
Buy Generic Diazepam Online

Buy Valium Overnight Delivery, Order Valium Sweden

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Buy Valium Overnight Delivery, Order Valium Sweden