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London’s Rail Network freezes to a halt…


When a large Facilities Management company contacted us regarding a serious problem involving one of their blue chip clients, we were only too glad help.

The client maintains a significant proportion of the London rail networks and during the winter of 2012 – 2013, temperatures around the rail lines fell to as low as -13 in places.

Freezing weather brings some unexpected challenges as a rail operative found when he tried to use a Foam Fire Extinguisher, only to discover that it was frozen solid and therefore failed to operate!

Standard portable Fire Extinguisher antifreeze protects to approximately -5 but due to the severity of the winter, this was still not sufficient.

Stand-By Fire Protection carried out extensive research into the problem and in conjunction with a chemical specialist, supplied a solution which ensured protection to a temperature as low as -20 degrees. In addition to this we had to ensure a specialist chemical foaming agent was also added to each Extinguisher to ensure the fire ratings of the Foam Fire Extinguisher were not compromised.

One happy customer able to maintain their rail services without compromising the safety of its clients.