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  • Corrosion resistant powder coated finish
  • Heavy duty steel construction for maximum strength
  • Space for 2 x Fire Buckets
  • Option to have Rotary Hand Bell fitted
  • Extinguishers and accessories supplied separately
Code Capacity Height Width Depth
SETROLLEY 1 x 9kg/9L Extinguisher 101cm 37cm 45cm
SETC/WRHB 1 x 9kg/9L Ext & Rotary Hand Bell 101cm 37cm 45cm
DETROLLEY 2 x 9kg/9L Extinguishers 122cm 68cm 36cm
DETC/WRHB 2 x 9kg/9L Ext & Rotary Hand Bell 122cm 68cm 36cm
TRIEXTTR 3 x 9kg/9L Extinguishers 122cm 93cm 38cm
TETC/WRHB 3 x 9kg/9L Ext & Rotary Hand Bell 122cm 93cm 38cm
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